Drohnen-Kollisionsvermeidungs-Lösung von INVOLI (OneSky) erhält Wachstumsfinanzierung

//Drohnen-Kollisionsvermeidungs-Lösung von INVOLI (OneSky) erhält Wachstumsfinanzierung

Drohnen-Kollisionsvermeidungs-Lösung von INVOLI (OneSky) erhält Wachstumsfinanzierung

Der Beitrag Drohnen-Kollisionsvermeidungs-Lösung von INVOLI (OneSky) erhält Wachstumsfinanzierung beruht auf einem RSS-Feed von https://spotfolio.com/. Den Originalbeitrag finden Sie auf https://spotfolio.com/2018/03/14/drohnen-kollisionsvermeidungs-loesung-von-involi-onesky-erhaelt-wachstumsfinanzierung/.

INVOLI develops and produces air traffic awareness and collision avoidance solutions for professional drone applications. The company formerly known as OneSky has successfully closed 500,000 CHF seed investment round with two strategic investors.

INVOLI develops state of the art technologies to enable collision avoidance between drones and aircraft, allowing drone pilots to have an unparalleled view of the surrounding air traffic. Performant even at low altitude where currently both drones and aircraft are lacking full situational awareness, INVOLI system relies on the ability of its network of Micro Control Towers to collect the positions of flying objects within their action range, further feeding such information into an online platform directly connected to the drone. INVOLI was founded by drone expert and former head of industrialization of senseFly, Manu Lubrano, along with Mélanie Guittet, project management and business development specialist, and Cristina Mihalachioiu, experienced business lawyer.

“It goes without saying that closing the seed round is a big success for us. It stands as a confirmation that we are going in the right direction, that the integration of drones into today’s aviation world is a real problem and that our approach is solid. We started our hunt-for-investors from the very beginning and it has been a challenging yet rewarding process getting here, especially since our focus has been to have on board strategic partners and not faceless capital holders. No time to rest now, next investment hunt officially started.” says founder and CEO, Manu Lubrano.


Der Beitrag Drohnen-Kollisionsvermeidungs-Lösung von INVOLI (OneSky) erhält Wachstumsfinanzierung wurde ursprünglich auf https://spotfolio.com/ veröffentlicht.

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